Registered Financial Planner

I come across Financial Planner terms since many years back. But I was not know that It is the professional which it’s similar with Doctor, Engineer and other profession as well. Probably it is due to the market have too many people define themselves as Financial Planner or consultant, they image and reputation in Financial Knowledge are purely serve as sales consultant for mutual fund or insurance agent.

And now, I know that Financial Planner is specialize niche in the market which are under-serve in Malaysia. There is a lot room for improvement regardless you’re poor or rich. If you visit Malaysian Financial Planning Council website, you will discover that a lot information is available for it.

Financial Planner

Generally, The course is very affordable for who intend to pursue in Financial Planning industry. It is only cost about RM 800 with self study material and exam fees.

Taking exam and certification only preliminary steps for you to join Financial Planning and consulting industry but working with agency can help your grow will be much more important for the long run.


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