How do you segregate house chores with your partner? I am guy who hate household and it applied to my wife as well. Both of us does not like house chores since we knew that it waste a lot time. I would only do cleaning whenever I feel too uncomfortable with my surroundings.

Hence, i come up with idea as such:

  1. Create List
  2. Set Timing on each Task
  3. Divide/Choose the task with preference
  4. Keep it Fair
  5. Reward for completion Weekly Task



Video Affiliate Marketing for JVZOO

It is extremely difficult to earn money online. I have been kept on trying with variety method but I fail completely although I put lots of effort in Internet Marketing. Hence, my objective in Internet Marketing strategy need to be simple, fast, effective and long terms.

  1. Search Good Product from JVZOO or muncheye
  2. Produce Review video
  3. Post to youtube
  4. Try to rank in google first page
  5. Earn Money
  6. Repeat Cycle

Hopefully, I can get make penny from here.


Loan Consultant

What is roles of Loan Consultant?

I am totally blank when I obtain information available online and always thought that people would always go to bank for getting the loan for business, personal or mortgage. Out of my expectation, there are plenty of room in the industry due to loan rejection from local bank and lack of understanding for getting required funds to run business or personal household requirements.

There are plenty of reason business loan was rejected, but bankers will not tell you.

  1. Applicant does not have ability to repay the loan
  2. Purpose is not inline with the facilities applied for.
  3. Unsatisfactory financial results
  4. Business is operate less than 2 years
  5. High industry risk
  6. Weak Management
  7. Bank is not keen to serve your business type
  8. Inadequate collateral

Registered Financial Planner

I come across Financial Planner terms since many years back. But I was not know that It is the professional which it’s similar with Doctor, Engineer and other profession as well. Probably it is due to the market have too many people define themselves as Financial Planner or consultant, they image and reputation in Financial Knowledge are purely serve as sales consultant for mutual fund or insurance agent.

And now, I know that Financial Planner is specialize niche in the market which are under-serve in Malaysia. There is a lot room for improvement regardless you’re poor or rich. If you visit Malaysian Financial Planning Council website, you will discover that a lot information is available for it.

Financial Planner

Generally, The course is very affordable for who intend to pursue in Financial Planning industry. It is only cost about RM 800 with self study material and exam fees.

Taking exam and certification only preliminary steps for you to join Financial Planning and consulting industry but working with agency can help your grow will be much more important for the long run.

Start up journey

What it takes to success?

  1. Meaningful Job
  2. Happy relationship and family
  3. Good health with healthy lifestyle
  4. Have enough resources to execute your dream
  5. Connected with good friends
  6. Contribution to society

Basically, it sums up what does it take to be Good life and Success. I am still in the way of finding my passion and ways to achieve these targets.

I have many thought come into my mind. Whether to be loan consultant, mutual fund agent, business consultant, product designers, feng shui master, or etc, The objective will be always earn enough money of survival.

Hopefully, I will be to record my start up journey consistently with readers.